Why Bitcoin’s Scaling Debate is An Opportunity Not a Flaw

Nozomi Hayase PhD, is a writer covering issues of freedom of speech, transparency and decentralized movements.

In this article, she argues bitcoin’s divisive scalability debate should be seen as just another phase in the growth for the digital currency project.

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The prolonged scaling issue has turned into what some have been calling bitcoin’s existential crisis.

As proposals for alternative solutions to Bitcoin Core’s roadmap were put forward and Bitcoin Classic gained traction, the divergence in technical approach has devolved into a heated debate. Emotionally charged disputes on Reddit and Twitter with censorship and personal attacks have divided the community.

This split over the protocol harkens back to differences in views that arose at the onset of this technology between economists and those with computer science backgrounds. The former often denounced it as a deflationary currency with fundamental flaws, while the latter tended to praise it and tout its significant potential.

Since its inception, the question of what bitcoin is has continuously evolved. As it began to mature, bitcoin slowly shed layers of skin, helping people view the technology on its own merits.

Perhaps, this recent block

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