Why Blockstream CEO, Austin Hill Believes The Scaling Debate Is A Blip

Bitcoin’s scalability issues continue, coming to a head this week when Bitcoin developer and long-term evangelist, Mike Hearn brandished the technology a failure, announcing his exit from the space. We spoke to Blockstream CEO, Austin Hill to talk about the issues raised by Mike, and the proposals for scaling Bitcoin

Oliver Carding: The last time we spoke was at TechCrunch Disrupt London, days after Scaling Bitcoin and it looked like we were in the midsts of a resolution. What’s changed?

Austin Hill: I’m a little bit more optimistic and I actually think that for the people participating in the process, that resolution is there. Like other CEO’s in the Ecosystem, I watch what’s happening in Core and care about it. We are a little unique as we fund and support our team, some of whom contribute to Core, but as I’ve mentioned before: We don’t have any say in what Core does, nor are we controlling the agenda, and it’s not our community to define, but the statements, roadmaps and facts show very widespread consensus between the people who are involved in the project and that there is a clear path forward on how we can deploy Segregated Witness and how we can

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