Why Did Only Five People Bid on a Feds’ Bitcoin Stash?

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Someone has purchased $1.6 million value of bitcoin from a U.S. Marshals Service. That’s not a bad haul, and whoever purchased a bitcoins gets to reason on to some of a cryptocurrency seized from a unlawful Silk Road marketplace. So since did usually 5 people worry to place bids for a retard of 2,700 bitcoins?

The USMS announced a vigilant to auction off a accumulate in a one-day eventuality that ran for 6 hours on Monday. CoinDesk reported final night that someone did indeed place a winning bid on a stash.

The auction was a final associated to a Silk Road bust that saw 144,000 bitcoins seized. Previously, a USMS sole 44,000 bitcoins to 4 winners; usually 11 people are pronounced to have bid on that $14.6 million retard of bitcoins.

So since are people so wavering to bid for these Bitcoin? It can’t be that they’re disturbed about a warning that Bitcoin’s underlying tech was being targeted by Chinese supervision hackers, as that warning was published prolonged after a USMS started holding a auctions in mid-2014.

Perhaps it’s since try entrepreneur Tim Draper bought all 30,000 bitcoins sole in a initial auction by outbidding 44 other

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