Why Do Some Bitcoin Mining Pools Mine Empty Blocks?

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Blocks on a Bitcoin blockchain have a extent distance of 1 MB.
Proof of work problem is calibrated so 1 retard is combined every
10 minutes. It is generally supposed a miner would wish to maximise
the series of exchange it includes in a retard as it collects
the transaction fees. Logically, with a flourishing recognition of
Bitcoin, a normal retard distance is removing closer to a limit.

In this environment, it is startling to see a series of empty
blocks being mined. An dull retard is not wholly empty, it has 1
transaction : a coinbase transaction that allocates a mining
reward to a miner (12.5 bitcoins during a time of writing). It is
important to know, that dull blocks are not easier, cheaper or
quicker to cave than full blocks. The ratio of dull blocks varies
considerably from one mining pool to a other. For instance,
Bitfury, BitClub Network and Kano CKPool do not cave empty

Percentage of dull blocks for vital mining pools

Why are there dull blocks?

When a mining pool receives a new retard from a competitor, it
needs to perform a few actions: download the

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