Why Focusing on Bitcoin’s Customer Experience Matters

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Martin Hagelstrom is a bitcoin enthusiast, plan executive and consultant operative on IT projects during IBM.

In this opinion piece, Hagelstrom looks during how bitcoin can grow to mass adoption in a marketplace full of digital payments systems run by tech and financial giants. While a choices are varied, one thing a attention needs is focus, he says.


There is a unequivocally open fight being waged between Apple, Google, Samsung, Amazon and several banks, with the weapons of choice being their respective mobile wallets.

And for a good reason – whoever controls a remuneration user knowledge will possess a customer.

The person who uses Apple Pay doesn’t unequivocally caring if they are indeed regulating a credit label from Bank A or Bank B. In fact, they could switch banks with no friction, as their remuneration knowledge would not change.

So, a underlying financial record has turn a commodity and a wallet provider not usually keeps a square of that transaction, though they can also start charity functionalities that were formerly disdainful to a banks.

Which approach forward?

Bitcoin has dual options here: to turn nonetheless another underlying remuneration routing complement for these wallets to use, or to contest with them and find to

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