Why GDAX CEO Brian Armstrong Is Not Turning His Back on Bitcoin

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The Coinbase exchange platform will be going through several changes over the coming months, as they will rebrand to GDAX and add two new cryptocurrencies. Ethereum support has already been confirmed, and it seems very likely Litecoin will be added as well. But what does this mean for Bitcoin?

Is GDAX Pivoting Away From Bitcoin?

That seems to be the primary question on everybody’s mind. Brian Armstrong, the GDAX CEO, has made some interesting remarks about Bitcoin in the past, which may cause some people to question his loyalty to the cryptocurrency which put his company on the map. While everybody is entitled to their opinion, one would not expect certain remarks from a Bitcoin company CEO.

In March of this year, Armstrong went as far as calling the Bitcoin Core developers “the biggest systemic risk” this cryptocurrency has faced to date. This particular remark was made after the GDAX CEO attended the Satoshi Roundtable meeting at the end of February, which did not present an immediate solution to the ongoing Bitcoin block size debate.

Brian Armstrong wrote the following in a blog post:

“The conversations initially focused on various compromises to kick the can down the road on scalability. But as the

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