Why Google Eddystone Looms As An Apple iBeacon Killer



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BLOG: Google Eddystone provides open-source Bluetooth LE guide record that severely expands on what Apple’s iBeacon complement can do for location-based applications

Google rolled out this week a new Bluetooth LE (low energy) guide technology that competes directly with Apple’s industry-leading iBeacon charity and also does a lot some-more than iBeacon.



It’s called Eddystone. And it’s a large deal, for dual reasons.

First, beacons have unleashed new capabilities for automation, practical partner technology, sell applications, amicable media and most more.

One approach to demeanour during what’s good about beacons is to consider about a advantages of GPS, afterwards greaten those advantages tenfold. Right now, GPS tells your phone that you’re on a travel in Manhattan.

google eddystoneBut guide record can tell we that you’re during a specific cab mount and automatically benefaction we with fares, where a nearest cab is and circuitously alternatives. Beacons make everything

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