Why Heartland Payments is ‘Crawling’ Toward Bitcoin Integration

Joe Wysocki, heartlandWhen Heartland Payments e-commerce director Joe Wysocki looks to add a product or service to his company’s portfolio, he looks for three factors – that it will help Heartland’s merchants improve security, convert shoppers and obtain repeat business.

Bitcoin, Wysocki says, aligns with these principles.

In a new interview with CoinDesk, Wysocki discussed the strategy behind the fifth-largest US payments processor’s recent referral deal with BitPay, and the forces that encouraged it to consider its first opportunity in the digital currency market.

Overall, Wysocki described the deal as one that would add another “arrow” to Heartland‘s “quiver” of payments options.

Wysocki said:

“We engaged BitPay about a partnership so when our national sales reps are out talking to e-commerce merchants of all sizes who are expressing a need for one or more of these particular solutions, we have a bitcoin option in our arsenal.”

The partnership, announced on 10th March, followed a similar agreement between BitPay and Global Payments finalized last August.

Observe then act

Wysocki indicated that Heartland has been observing activities in the bitcoin space “for quite some time”, and that some of its merchants have reported hearing requests from customers who wanted

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