Why Silvergate’s CEO is Banking 15 Bitcoin Companies

Silvergate CEO, Alan Lane

Startups focused on products and services formed on bitcoin have never had an easy time opening bank accounts – or progressing certain relations with those firms.

The problem? Bitcoin-related clients are frequently noticed as high-risk by banking institutions, and so distant few banks have shown an seductiveness in going by a routine of mitigating that risk.

This is a long-standing issue that has sparked debate in a past, though given a broader emanate of de-risking by banks worldwide, it’s maybe unsurprising that bitcoin startups would find themselves in a crosshairs of bank correspondence departments.

Yet those risks haven’t kept each bank from opening its doors to bitcoin startups. Silvergate Bank, formed in La Jolla, California, was one of a beginning institutions to sire that trend.

Silvergate is on a verge of opening a sixteenth bitcoin bank account, and its chief executive officer, Alan Lane, says a advantages of his bank’s early adopter standing competence be in jeopardy.

Lane told CoinDesk:

“If other banks are shying divided from this, it substantially wouldn’t be that formidable to beget business if they could emanate a correspondence routine that worked.”

The routine of developing this kind of some-more thorough correspondence routine – and

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