Why the Financial System Should Be Based on Bitcoin

To make outsized returns or avoid some nasty losses in investing, you have to go against the grain.

There are few people who live that principle more than Reggie Middleton, the CEO of fintech company Veritaseum.

On his independent research website BoomBustBlog, he called the demise of Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, and Blackberry maker Research in Motion, the subprime market, and a correction in Apple. Now Reggie is betting on bitcoin to become the infrastructure of our future financial system.

In this exclusive interview with Epoch Times, Mr. Middleton spoke about how bitcoin is more than digital money, and how he wants to revolutionize the way we trade stocks with Veritaseum.

Epoch Times: Bitcoin is a different market, independent from central banks. You have been active in the space for some time, can you explain to our readers what the digital currency is all about?

Reggie Middleton: Bitcoin is a protocol-based consensus network. Think of it as a large canvas that you can paint upon. The most famous protocol-based network that I think most are familiar with is the internet protocol (IP). The protocol is just an instruction set of how to do things. The bitcoin protocol is similar to the internet protocol

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