Why a Financial System Should Be Based on Bitcoin

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To make outsized earnings or equivocate some nasty waste in investing, we have to go opposite a grain.

There are few people who live that element some-more than Reggie Middleton, a CEO of fintech association Veritaseum.

On his eccentric investigate website BoomBustBlog, he called a passing of Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, and Blackberry builder Research in Motion, a subprime market, and a improvement in Apple. Now Reggie is betting on bitcoin to turn a infrastructure of a destiny financial system.

In this disdainful talk with Epoch Times, Mr. Middleton spoke about how bitcoin is some-more than digital money, and how he wants to change a approach we trade bonds with Veritaseum.

Epoch Times: Bitcoin is a opposite market, eccentric from executive banks. You have been active in a space for some time, can we explain to a readers what a digital banking is all about?

Reggie Middleton: Bitcoin is a protocol-based accord network. Think of it as a vast board that we can paint upon. The many famous protocol-based network that we consider many are informed with is a internet custom (IP). The custom is only an instruction set of how to do things. The bitcoin custom is identical to a internet protocol

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