Why You Should Considering Installing a Bitcoin ATM At A Retail Location

Every now and then, an interesting topic regarding the adoption rate of Bitcoin is posted on Reddit. One user was wondering whether or not installing a Bitcoin ATM at his shop would increase the foot traffic. Due to the low adoption rate of the digital currency, this may not be the best idea, even when you are not necessarily looking to make a profit.

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Bitcoin ATMs Aren’t That Appealing, However….

TheMerkle_Bitcoin ATM Appeal

For people actively involved in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency, Bitcoin ATMs make a lot of sense. These machines provide everyday consumers with a convenient way to buy – and sometimes sell – Bitcoin in exchange for fiat currency by visiting a specific location. But what about those people who are just curious, and not planning to buy or sell anything?

This is one of the major disadvantages when it comes to the look and feel of most Bitcoin ATMs: they look too much like a regular bank ATM. From a convenience point of view, this makes sense, but only if the consumer is actively

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