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It would be reasonable to assume that a vast majority of home internet users have some kind of wireless accessibility for their network of computers, tablets, printers, TVs, etc. In the past, wireless was seen as a convenient, yet risky solution for larger corporations and government entities – When weighing accessibility against security, the latter would most definitely win any given battle. As network technologies bring advancement to the common workplace it appears that accessibility may have won the war. That’s not true – instead we could say that a ceasefire has been drafted. It’s becoming more and more possible to provide accessibility AND security.

Let’s take a look at the original wireless infrastructures: most began with complete insecure wide open systems, whose role was literally to provide Layer 2 wireless access to a network and nothing else. If you wanted security, you would be forced to implement some 3rd party policing to already connected clients – This was less than ideal, since physically gaining access to an inside network is probably the hardest task that attackers undertake. Then WEP was provided, which was a bit better – let’s face it: something is better than nothing. The problem with WEP

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