Wielding The Power of Youtube in Healthcare Marketing


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Healthcare Marketing – Seeing Is Believing?


A little-known fact is the potential Youtube offers to the healthcare industry regarding marketing future advancements. Whenever a new medical innovation is announced, the last place people would look for it is on Youtube. However, the platform is capable of captivating a global audience, and healthcare marketers are looking for new solutions to bring more attention to their field of expertise.

Whereas most people think of Youtube as a space for fun and entertainment, the platform can easily be used for informative and advertising purposes, too. It would be quite interesting to see medical organizations using Youtube to connect with patients and consumers around the world.

There is something about the video format that makes people trust it. What they can see is something they will believe, rather than hearing about something and still having doubts regarding its legitimacy. Youtube would be a powerful tool when it comes to spreading the word about new products and services, as well as create a more appealing concept for donors.  

One should look at Youtube as the Wikipedia of video, where information can be stored, searched, and shared in a convenient manner. The healthcare industry is suffering from limiting itself to text format only, as it is not the best way to convey messages of this nature. The video format is a round-the-clock service for medical needs, regardless of doctor appointments.

After all, a lot of the issues doctors are faced with could easily be solved with proper patient education. At the same time, more and more consumers are starting to self-diagnose by looking up their symptoms on the Internet, and then going to the doctor stating what they are probably suffering from.

By employing the visual aids provided by the Youtube platform, medical professionals can educate patients and share important information regarding healthcare. Visual explanation simply works better when it comes to matters of health, as big words can easily confuse people and not get the message through properly.

Healthcare Can Go Viral On Youtube

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Despite the negative sound of “going viral”, this could be exactly what the healthcare industry needs in the next few years. Going viral simply means how a Youtube video is being seen by people all over the world, and numbers can add up to several million views over an extended period.

To most people, healthcare is one of the most boring topics to talk about. That public perception needs to be overhauled by marketers active in this sector, and embracing Youtube seems to be the smart move going forward. With a little effort, healthcare content could be the future cat videos of Youtube.

Source: MDG Advertising

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