Wikipedia Bans Hundreds of Editors Who Extorted Bitcoin Casinos, Others

The world’s number one user-edited reference guide, Wikipedia, has suffered an extortion scandal due to “undisclosed paid advocacy.” Working through dozens of persons and companies, including many Bitcoin casinos and affiliates, this ring of hundreds of “editors” have been banned from Wikipedia.

Attack of the Sockpuppets

Operation “Orangemoody” began in July when the “sockpuppets” were first discovered. A “sockpuppet” is someone who is affiliated or working with the edited parties’ information through a secondary account but claims to be unaffiliated.

This practice violates Wikipedia’s terms of service and 381 such accounts in total were discovered and over 200 articles were terminated. It is suspected that this was a coordinated effort to promote new businesses on the site.

“Most of these articles, which were related to businesses, business people, or artists, were generally promotional in nature, and often included biased or skewed information, unattributed material, and potential copyright violations,” Wikipedia said in an official statement, adding:

“The edits made by the sockpuppets are similar enough that the community believes they were perpetrated by one coordinated group.”

The businesses involved include many Bitcoin casinos, including Bitcoin Casino 4U, Bitcoin Casino 365 and Bitcoin Casino Affiliate. This was not done with the consent of

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