Will Bitcoin See Another Leg Down?

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I sojourn long-term bullish on Bitcoin as we have been for some time now.  But we am of a opinion that a final leg of a improvement from a $750 high will expected embark in a nearby future. See this daily chart:

11_11b11_11bAs we can see a new convene was stopped by a 3rd arc span on this longhorn setup.  This is frequency unusual. 3rd arcs are tough as a ubiquitous rule.  The doubt is, will it get by these arcs but another pullback?

Let’s take a closer demeanour during this draft in a close-up of a some-more new candles:


As we can see, notwithstanding a brief invasion of a arc, cost has been incompetent to tighten on a balmy side of this insurgency given it initial encountered a arc some-more than a week ago. There have now been 5 catastrophic attempts to crack a arcs.  Sooner-or-later, we believe, cost will get through, and a new convene will commence.  But when?

There is a warning on a draft in

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