Will Circle & Coinbase Close Your Account For Buying Knives & Selling Bitcoin?

Paul Camp Joins CirclePaul Camp Joins CircleNavigating the web of government regulation, and effectively implementing the procedures governments actually call for, is one of the biggest hurdles a new financial company faces in the modern age.

As global terrorism grows an increasingly common theme internationally, concerns over money laundering and funding potentially shady cells must play a daily role crafting policy and procedures for a new financial company.

Thus, sometimes things pop up which can be interpreted as limiting freedom, and company’s can be criticized. A Reddit user last week noted a peculiarity he had found in Circle’s user agreement. Circle’s user agreement states:

There are a variety of reasons why you can’t purchase most weapons on the Internet in the first place. They are not our rules; they’re the federal government’s. If you’d like to purchase these items (that’s a knife), we strongly suggest that you go to a

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