Will More Businesses Integrate the Blockchain?

In a recent article published on Bloomberg, former Wall Street executive Blythe Masters explains that she is particularly interested in the blockchain, the shared technology behind everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency bitcoin.

In the article, Masters explains that the blockchain has “a pretty long list of positive attributes,” and that it could potentially bring a whole new level of security to both Wall Street and other financial institutions.

This is nothing that cryptocurrency fans haven’t heard before. Companies such as computer giant IBM have long endorsed the blockchain, saying that it will change the future of business as we know it. The blockchain has certainly secured its popularity amongst those who know about it, so why aren’t more companies embracing all it has to offer? Is it possible that many businesses simply don’t know it exists?

Earlier, bitcoin was referred to as everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency. Among all virtual money currently in existence and use today, it can arguably be said that Bitcoin is the most well-known and has garnered more acceptance with purchasers and sellers alike, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is understood among the general public. Despite first coming to fruition in 2008, many people admit that they still don’t

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