Will New Breakthroughs In Renewable Energy Affect Bitcoin Mining?


Bitcoin mining is a topic of heavy debate around the world. Not just because the difficulty keeps increasing, making existing mining hardware outdated rather quickly, but also because of the sheer energy consumption. As a result of the lower Bitcoin price and rather high electricity costs, many miners and companies have moved their operations to other parts of the world. But what if the existing wind hardware we have right now – used to generate electricity – could be drastically more efficient?

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Alternative Energy Sources for Bitcoin MiningBitcoinist_Renewable_energyBitcoinist_Renewable_energy

Electricity costs are rather high in most parts of the world. With the average price per kilowatt-hour ranging anywhere from $0.06 to $0.35, it is nearly impossible to break even if you are mining at home, let alone make a profit. And with the Bitcoin mining difficulty on the rise more often than not,

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