Will Quantum Computers Spell a Doom of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is dead! It has been expected 112 times already. There is even a website that keeps lane of all these obituaries. The latest anticipation predicts a genocide of Bitcoin once quantum computers make an entry.

This trustworthy prophecy comes during a time when Bitcoin is going strong, resilient from a new drop in a cost following a BitFinex hacking incident. The hazard of quantum computers on Bitcoin was expected by Andersen Cheng, a co-founder of a UK-based cyber confidence firm, Post Quantum. He was quoted by a news publication saying,

“Bitcoin is really not quantum mechanism proof… Bitcoin will end a really day initial quantum mechanism appears.”

However, a timeline for a coming of a initial quantum mechanism is nowhere in sight, during slightest during a moment. According to Cheng, a quantum computers will bluster Bitcoin’s cryptography by simply backtracking a open keys, that are zero though Bitcoin wallet addresses to ascertain a private pivotal compared with it.  In a expected unfolding of that happening, a initial quantum computer’s owners might be means to possess most, if not all a Bitcoin in circulation.

The investigate and growth of quantum computers is an ongoing process, with a allocation of billions

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