Windows 10 — the Best so Far, but Not for the Paranoid

If you are one of the bitcoin users who is a bit paranoid about privacy and still wants to use Windows 10, just follow the instructions available at the following links before reading further.

  • Protect Your Privacy on Windows 10
  • Securing your Bitcoin

Windows 10 is definitely the most awaited and well deserved upgrade Windows OS users ever got since Windows XP. The predecessors of Windows 10 had their own flaws as the company couldn’t anticipate and meet the requirements of its users. Windows Vista was a grand failure which turned PCs into dinosaurs. It was followed by Windows 7, which can be considered the best among the rest, until Windows 10. But Windows 10 comes with its own baggage which has raised privacy concerns among users.

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Windows 7 was optimized for the user systems and could perform better than XP and it addresses numerous flaws of Windows Vista. Then came Windows 8 as a result of Microsoft misjudging the device adoption among users. They probably presumed that tablets are the next PCs or they just wanted to out

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