Winklevoss twins’ bitcoin firm sees trading surge

A bitcoin exchange set up by the Winklevoss twins has seen its trading volumes surge rapidly, according to tracker site, but the new company still lags behind the major players in the sector.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss launched the exchange on October 8 and have dubbed it the “Nasdaq of bitcoin.”

It has competed 11,176 trades in the last three weeks, according to From 31 trades on its first day, it managed to complete over 2 thousand during last Friday’s session.

Despite the rapid increase in trading volume Gemini remains trumped by other exchanges. During the same period, other top ranking exchanges such as bitstamp completed 686,712 trades and bitfinex completed 594,747 trades. The Chinese exchange OKCoin traded over 1 million bitcoins on Friday, according to the tracker website.

However, according to, Gemini ranks number 11 in a list of top 21 Bitcoin exchanges.

The bitcoin exchanges which rank better than Gemini include the bitfinex, bitstamp, coinbase, bit-x and itbit.

Gemini, is the long-awaited New York-based bitcoin exchange founded by the twins. There are currently many bitcoin

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