Wirex bitcoin withdraw label adds bitcoin buy feature

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Wirex Limited, before famous as E-Coin, recently announced that they have launched a new underline for their bitcoin withdraw cards. Users can now squeeze bitcoin directly in their app. The association claims their flagship product is now a initial “two-way” bitcoin withdraw card.

Cardholders can use a label to sell fiat currencies for bitcoin, as good as spend bitcoin during places that usually accept fiat.

– Wirex

Bitcoin withdraw cards, including Wirex, Xapo and Shift from Coinbase, concede users to reason a change in bitcoins, and spend their value during bland merchants and shops, even those that might have never listened of bitcoin. They accomplish this attainment by converting bitcoin into a fiat banking indispensable for any purchase.

Xapo and Wirex (E-Coin) have both been accessible for good over a year, in many opposite countries, though not

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