Wirex bitcoin debit card adds bitcoin buy feature

Wirex Limited, formerly known as E-Coin, recently announced that they have launched a new feature for their bitcoin debit cards. Users can now purchase bitcoin directly in their app. The company claims their flagship product is now the first “two-way” bitcoin debit card.

Cardholders can use the card to exchange fiat currencies for bitcoin, as well as spend bitcoin at places that only accept fiat.

– Wirex

Bitcoin debit cards, including Wirex, Xapo and Shift from Coinbase, allow users to hold a balance in bitcoins, and spend their value at everyday merchants and shops, even those that may have never heard of bitcoin. They accomplish this feat by converting bitcoin into the fiat currency needed for each purchase.

Xapo and Wirex (E-Coin) have both been available for well over a year, in many different countries, but not

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