With Bitcoin’s Price Down, VCs Turning to Blockchain Technology

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The rising interest in use cases for bitcoin’s underlying distributed ledger, the blockchain, is influencing the investment strategies of venture capitalists, new interviews indicate.

Speaking to CoinDesk, some of the ecosystem’s most frequent and most vocal investors are suggesting they are now working more closely with banks and putting an increased emphasis on projects that use the bitcoin blockchain or alternative distributed ledgers as a payments rail or distributed database.

For example, Bart Stephens, managing partner at Blockchain Capital, which recently rebranded its firm from Crypto Currency Partners, suggested the industry has “evolved” as awareness of the blockchain’s use cases become more widely analyzed and understood.

Stephens told CoinDesk:

“There’s been a realization that [the blockchain is] an incredible tech layer, but the conversation doesn’t end there, you’re seeing the conversation broaden out of financial services, how can it be leveraged for identity management, smart contracts and international trade.”

Others like Aleph Venture Capital partner Eden Shochat, whose investments include blockchain technology firm Colu, expressed more interest in distributed ledger applications, a part of the industry where new startups such as Blockstack, Eris and Multichain are now seeking to separate from a widening pack that lacks clear

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