Wolverton: The Bitcoin revolution can be hard to find at the mall

SAN JOSE — This holiday shopping season, I found myself in a peculiar situation.

I was at the mall. I was ready to shop for presents. But I couldn’t find anyone who would take my money.

Heck, when I asked if I could pay with it, many looked at me as if I was from Mars!

To be fair, I wasn’t offering to pay in dollars. I wasn’t trying to use my credit card or even Apple Pay. Instead, I was trying to spend some bitcoin.

Now, I know. The computer-based currency still seems a little new, even though it’s been around for six years. And it works differently than cash or credit cards. You typically store coins in a smartphone app or Web service, not in a physical wallet, for example. And to make a payment, you typically scan a QR-code, the square bar codes, rather than handing over bills or swiping a card.

Mykola Mykhailian, owner of Custom Teez, considered accepting bitcoin as payment at his Valley Fair  shop but ultimately decided against<p><a href=Read more ... source: TheBitcoinNews

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