Word of Mouth Marketing Is A Powerful Tool For Bitcoin Companies

Spreading the word about a new business or project can be quite difficult in the world of FinTech and Bitcoin. Traditional marketing, such as spreading the news on social media and getting articles published by media outlets will only do so much. The best way to let the world know about a new venture is through word of mouth, even though it is an often underutilised marketing tool.

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Word of Mouth Is Crucial For Marketing

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Despite what many people in the business world might want you to believe, digital and online marketing are not the most valuable tools to reach a bigger audience. Spreading the word about something new in person will lead to much greater success, rather than sitting behind a computer or mobile device to communicate with others.

That being said, establishing a digital and online presence is valuable in the long run, especially when people from all over the world are trying to get in touch with you or one of the representatives. However, word of mouth remains the most effective means to captivate an audience, like

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