World Economic Forum: Distributed Technology to Go Mainstream by 2027

A survey released by the World Economic Forum (WEF) suggests that “Distributed Financial Technology” will go mainstream in 12 years. This includes distributed technologies such as Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, the Internet of Things, and blockchain technology. This WEF survey comprises of over 800 executives and experts going into great detail about Bitcoin and blockchain technology, lauding their great potential throughout the entire paper.

All hail ‘the blockchain’

The survey explains the eventual result of these new tech ideas that are expected to produce a significant number of global shifts within the decade.                        

An excerpt from World Economic Forum mentions:

“Bitcoin and digital currencies are based on the idea of a distributed trust mechanism called the ‘blockchain,’ a way of keeping track of trusted transactions in a distributed fashion.”

The WEF believes that innovations such as Bitcoin will impact people around the world, bringing to life the concepts previously only seen in sci-fi movies. The organization says that sharing economies are producing a phenomenon that usually was only available to technology-enabled entities such as corporations and governments. Blockchain technology helps bolster these emerging

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