World Leaders Meet at United Nations; Control of the Internet on the Table (Op-Ed)

It was an exciting week in the northeastern United States as world leaders from China, Russia, and even The Vatican gathered to discuss the future of mankind at the United Nations headquarters in New York. Tenets for a so-called “voluntary” initiative called Agenda 2030 were discussed, and one issue that was addressed was an official recommendation to begin controlling the Internet, reports the Washington Post.

What is a ‘Cyber-VAWG’?

Global dignitaries included President Obama, Chinese President Xi Jinping, French President Francois Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Pope Francis, and others. The U.N. used the three-day summit to push certain ideals, one of which was disseminated by a report from the U.N.’s relatively unknown Broadband Commission for Digital Development.

The Broadband Commission for Digital Development is looking to stop online violence against women and girls, or “cyber VAWG,” and produced a report on the matter. According to them, online harassment of women and girls in this “world-wide wake-up call” was featured in this new report. Almost 3 out of 4 women are being “abused online” and nations need to start controlling the Internet to stop this “pandemic.”


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