World’s First Movie ‘Dope’ Accepts Bitcoin for Tickets along with 900 Cinemas across US

The highly anticipated comedy “Dope” will be the world’s first movie to accept bitcoin for its ticket sales through a partnership between — which supports over 900 cinemas in the U.S.

Buying Dope

The integration of GoCoin’s payment gateway will enable users to purchase movie tickets with bitcoin at almost one sixth of the nation’s cinemas.

The integration of bitcoin on is “an integral part of the movie Dope,” which presents bitcoin as a new world currency and an alternative to cash.

Produced by Pharrell Williams and Forest Whitaker, the movie focuses on a tech geek named Malcolm who is trying to survive in a tough neighborhood in Inglewood, California that’s filled with drug dealers and gang members.

Ultimately, Malcolm discovers his true self in Los Angeles, when he finds bitcoin, an anonymous alternative for purchasing drugs. The character says:

“I just read that money as we know it is dead. Soon the world is only going to buy and sell products using Bitcoins.”

Alex Winter, the director of the documentary “Deep Web,” commented on the digital currency being used to purchase illicit drugs as part of the plot of the movie. He

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