Xapo Announces Plans to Upgrade to Bitcoin Classic

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On Feb 21, 2016, renouned bitcoin wallet height and safe solutions provider Xapo CEO Wences Casares announced that a association is formulation to ascent to Bitcoin Classic, with a prophesy to assistance a Bitcoin network scale efficiently.

Bitcoin Classic is a tough flare bitcoin retard distance boost offer now upheld and led by Bitcoin Core developers Gavin Andressen and Jeff Garzik, and attention leaders including Coinbase and Circle. If Bitcoin Classic achieves a 75% support threshold and becomes successfully implemented, a Bitcoin retard distance will be increasing to 2 megabytes immediately, hence a name tough fork.

However, a proclamation of Xapo has turn argumentative among a village and existent Xapo users, since a doing of Bitcoin Classic could lead to a separate chain, an eventuality in that dual Bitcoin bondage co-exist in a same network. Historically, if dual Bitcoin bondage co-exist in a same network, a minority becomes separated roughly instantly, unifying to one singular chain. Thus, if Bitcoin Classic overtakes a Core chain, a Bitcoin network would be unified

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