Xapo Starts Shipping Out Bitcoin Debit Cards

One of the major drawbacks regarding most Bitcoin debit cards is how they are unavailable to US customers.  The reason for this is due to impending independent regulations in every state, combined with federal regulations and guidelines.  However, this is not keeping various global companies from shipping these cards to customers all over the world.

Xapo – Bitcoin Debit Card with Lots of PromiseXapo Small

Bitcoin debit cards are far from a perfect solution to push Bitcoin adoption and awareness to new levels.  That being said, these cards do allow Bitcoin enthusiasts to spend virtual currency at millions of worldwide locations, as long as the merchant has a payment terminal to process credit and debit cards.  For online payments, these Bitcoin debit cards will work with popular services such as Paypal and Apple Pay.

For the merchant, there is no clear indication that the payment is being completed with Bitcoin, as they process a debit card transaction as they normally would.  But for the consumer, there is a sheer difference in using this particular debit card, as they know it has been funded with Bitcoin.

It goes without saying that Bitcoin debit

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