XBT Provider AB To Expand Bitcoin-Based Investments In Response To Rising Demand...

XBT Provider AB To Expand Bitcoin-Based Investments In Response To Rising Demand Amidst Declining Global Asset …

XBT Provider AB, having launched what it claims is the world’s first bitcoin-based instrument on a regulated exchange, Nasdaq Nordic, plans to expand globally with its Bitcoin Tracker One and Bitcoin Tracker Euro, the latter having performed well against major reserve currencies and global asset classes, according to Nasdaq. The Stockholm, Sweden-based company plans to secure larger investments from institutional clients.

XBT Provider is part of the KnCGroup AB, which also owns KnCMiner AB, a bitcoin processing technology provider.

Bitcoin Tracker Euro launched with the approval Sweden’s financial supervisory authority, Finansinspektionen, on Oct. 5, 2015, for the purpose of mirroring the return of the underlying asset, U.S. dollar per bitcoin.

Bitcoin Tracker Euro Grows

Bitcoin Tracker Euro, as an exchange-traded note ETN, has grown in popularity among investors on the Swedish regulated exchange, securing the title of the most-traded ETN on Nasdaq Nordic.

Bitcoin ETNs and instruments such as the Bitcoin Tracker Euro and GrayScale Investment’s GBTC have performed well against global asset classes and major reserve currencies since

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