XCOINS.IO Automates the Process of Making Money with Bitcoin

US, August 10, 2016 at 18:38 BST

Menlo Park, CA, August 5, 2016 – xCoins.io completed three months of testing of its innovative automated bitcoin system.

It is not a secret that one of the most profitable ways of making money with bitcoin is selling it on peer-to-peer exchange websites at high premium. Users, who need bitcoin quickly, are ready to pay 15% or more on top of the spot rate for a quick person-to-person trade, as opposed to waiting several days at a regular exchange.

However, trading bitcoin at a peer-to-peer exchange requires a lot of skill and patience. The seller needs to process each trade manually. He or she needs to “vet” prospective buyers to make sure they are not scammers. The seller also needs to provide pre-sale support to explain his terms and post-sale support, if something goes wrong or the buyer is not happy.

xCoins has addressed this problem by creating a one of a kind automated system, which allows investors to earn substantial incomes with bitcoin completely hands free.

According to the xCoins team, the investor needs to load his wallet with bitcoin and hit start. The system does the rest automatically. xCoins also performs end user approvals and pre-sale and post-sale end user support. Bitcoin investors do not need to communicate with anyone or to perform any manual work of any kind. There is no experience required to use the system.

Because the process is completely automated, end users receive bitcoin much faster than at the old-style peer-to-peer exchanges. The approval time for new users is a few minutes. Repeat clients receive bitcoin instantly. The users also like the fact that there is no negotiating or manual searching for the right seller required. They just enter the amount of bitcoin they need, and the system finds the best offer for them automatically.

As Steven K., one of the users, who received bitcoin at xCoins, wrote: “Excellent service! Very fast and secure. This has been the best method of purchasing Btc by far! Nothing compares to this, and I’ve tried over 10 other BTC venders. I rate this number 1, and [deleted] is my number 2.”

The xCoins team reports that the three month pilot testing program was a success. About 200 bitcoin investors have signed up to the program from a diverse range of countries around the world. xCoins requires a minimum investment of only $20 to try the system, so the amounts invested have varied. However, all investor saw substantial returns and appreciated the ease of use of the system.

Marvelle B, an xCoins investor, wrote: “I was pleased to see XCoins pretty much deploy all of roughly $[deleted] I deposited worth of Bitcoin within 8 hours or so. It was all done automatically. I just got e-mails telling me to “Capture Funds” – it was great!”

About xCoins.io

xCoins.io is a privately held company based in Menlo Park, CA. By leveraging crypto currency technology and implementing a superior user experience, xCoins.io makes earning with bitcoin available to anyone, who is interested in capitalizing on this new and exciting technology.


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