XMLGold’s Debit Cards Can Be Charged with Bitcoin

Bitcoin Press Release: XMLGold is the place for Bitcoin and electronic currency users to exchange money. They can even choose to convert their digital currency into plastic money in no time with the XMLGold debit card.

June 8, 2016, Belize City, Belize – XMLGold, the leading electronic currency platform allows people to trade almost all leading digital currencies in one place. The 16-year-old electronic currency exchange offers over 21 different payment methods to convert any one kind of digital currency to another in no time.

XMLGold has grown into a leading Bitcoin Exchange since Bitcoin became popular. In addition to Bitcoin, the platform also supports Litecoin. The platform follows a transparent, user-friendly approach allowing users to verify the reserves of each currency held by the exchange before placing an order. Multiple payment and withdrawal methods make it, even more easier for platform users. XMLGold also supports BTC-e codes, that can be used to buy any of the listed electronic currencies on the platform instantly.

Be it Bitcoin, BTC-E or Perfect Money, XMLGold has got it all. Perfect Money has been one of the largest transacted electronic currency on the platform, the automation and 24/7 service offered by XMLGold has

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