Yahoo brought back deleted emails to convict Russell Knaggs

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The trail we leave on the Internet is a constant security concern for most of us, and for good reason; we are surrounded by data breaches and password hacks. We’re told to create long, complex passwords and use two-step authentication to prevent from having our accounts compromised. We delete our emails and texts to prevent sensitive information from getting out. None of this is of any use, though, if the company uses shady tactics when it comes to keeping our private information safe.

Russell Knaggs, an inmate at Lowdham Grange prison in the UK, was caught organizing a plan to import Cocaine into the UK. He was caught and charged and is going to serve another 20 years in prison. The plan involved two of his contacts writing messages to each other in a single Yahoo! Account. They would type up a message, save it as a draft, and leave it for the person on the other end to read it, delete it, and type up a new message for the first party. In theory this might seem like a good way to avoid sending emails that law enforcement would be able to read. In the end, it didn’t work

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