Yahoo Ordered to Reveal How Deleted Drug Case Emails Were Recovered

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We recently wrote how deleted Yahoo emails were questionably involved in a drug trafficking case – and in a development to that story, a judge is ordering Yahoo to explain how it was done.

While serving a 16-year sentence in UK prison cell, Russell Knaggs orchestrated a plan to import five tons of cocaine from South America, hidden in boxes of fruit. The case against him was built on emails between the collaborators of the plan – emails that had been seemingly deleted. And then somehow produced later in court by Yahoo.

Knaggs’ defense team, as well internet privacy advocates, have questioned Yahoo’s involvement the entire time. The email and search giant managed to contradict themselves throughout the entire case when the company’s law enforcement guide stated that Yahoo “is not able to search for or produce deleted emails,” but Knaggs’ defense team claims Yahoo did just that.

In a later statement to the press by Michele Lai, a custodian of records and the operations manager of the US Law Enforcement Response Team for Yahoo, wrote: “If a user deletes a communication from his or her account, the communication becomes inaccessible to the proprietary tools Yahoo uses to gather communications

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