Yahoo Secretly Scanning User Emails On Behalf Of US Government

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According to a Tuesday Reuters report, Yahoo built a software in 2015 that let them screen their users’ emails for the US government. The tech firm did the scanning without the knowledge of the company’s CSO (Chief Security Officer), two former employees told Reuters anonymously.

US Intelligence officials issued a surveillance order secretly conducted by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, which forced the firm’s engineers to create an app that can search incoming user emails for an “unspecified string of characters”, according to Reuters.

“Based on this report, the order issued to Yahoo appears to be unprecedented and unconstitutional,” Patrick Toomey, staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union, said. “The government appears to have compelled Yahoo to conduct precisely the type of general, suspicionless search that the Fourth Amendment was intended to prohibit.”

Yahoo’s security team discovered the spy software in May 2015. At the time, the team thought the company has been hacked. Alex Stamos, who was the CSO, resigned after he realized the decision was made behind his back. He allegedly told his employees that a software bug could be the reason why hackers could access hundreds of millions of user accounts.

The latest revelations fueled the concerns over the

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