Yes, No, Maybe: Bitcoin, Bank of America And Apple Pay

Last week was short on work days due to the Monday holiday, but what the work week lacked in hours it made up for in action. The Visa acquisition of Visa Europe was approved by regulators, Amazon set Alexa free on browsers, Lending Club flipped the script and went looking for a loan and Walmart, well, Walmart did so many things last week that you should probably click over to Karen Webster’s commentary this week to get the skinny.

Like we said: short on days, long on events.

And the hits just kept on coming — both good and bad — as the week rolled on. What do you need to know to get ready for the week ahead?



Bitcoin’s Big Bounce

There are a lot of bitcoin — and digital currency — enthusiasts the world over who’ve likely spent a good part of a week muttering some variation on the phrase “told ya so.” As

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