Yes, No, Maybe: Bitcoin, Bank of America And Apple Pay

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Last week was brief on work days due to a Monday holiday, though what a work week lacked in hours it done adult for in action. The Visa merger of Visa Europe was authorized by regulators, Amazon set Alexa free on browsers, Lending Club flipped a script and went looking for a loan and Walmart, well, Walmart did so many things final week that we should substantially click over to Karen Webster’s commentary this week to get the skinny.

Like we said: brief on days, prolonged on events.

And a hits only kept on entrance — both good and bad — as a week rolled on. What do we need to know to get prepared for a week ahead?



Bitcoin’s Big Bounce

There are a lot of bitcoin — and digital banking — enthusiasts a universe over who’ve expected spent a good partial of a week muttering some movement on a word “told ya so.” As

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