Yet Another Bitcoin Impact Assessment Report by Santander

The number of reports discussing Bitcoin’s impact on mainstream banking and financial sector is overwhelming. Adding to the list is yet another report focused on Brazil, published by Banco Santander.

The report titled “Brazil: Banks and Financial Services – To Bitcoin or Not to Bitcoin?”  is a result of last month’s meeting with Banco Santander, Mercado Bitcoin — the leading Latin American Bitcoin exchange and local investors. The meeting revolved around the potential long-term impact of Bitcoin on businesses dependent on the conventional financial system.

The Santander report lists Bitcoin and blockchain technology’s impact on 5 major segments. These segments include Acquirers and issuer banks, Card brands, Card suppliers, Cryptocurrency exchanges and Brazilian banks. It states that the banking and payments industry as a whole will have a mixed impact, depending on the focus verticals of the businesses.

Findings of Santander’s Report

Payment acquirers and issuers are expected to be the worst affected by Bitcoin adoption as their business models are solely based on Merchant Discount Rates (MDR) and POS revenues. Increased acceptance of Bitcoin will effectively make these companies redundant as transactions will be executed over a decentralized ledger instead of being channeled through their network.

However, major

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