Yet Another German Arrested After Unsuccessfully Purchasing a Gun from the Darknet

A 28-year-old was arrested for the attempted purchase of a Glock 17 from the darknet, not but days after another German pleaded guilty for the same crime.

The 28-year-old from Erding was arrested in a way that mirrored the arrest of another. In late September, a 24-year-old from the Neuburg-Schrobenhausen district was arrested for another attempted weapons purchase from the darknet. Police were able to prevent the buy from occurring.

This case followed the same pattern. He tried, and failed, to purchase a Glock 17, extra magazines, and ammunition. Weapon buys on the darknet have been repeatedly warned against, but this case exemplifies such reasoning. The semi-automatic pistol, a Glock 17, was the same model used by David Sonboly in the Munich attack.



In addition, Germany has been exceptional when it comes to stopping such purchases. The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) has an exponentially increasing number of DNM arrests and many, if not the majority, are weapons related. Furthermore, Bavaria has one of the largest police forces in Germany. His chances of success were phenomenally low.

Investigators and detectives from the Erding Criminal Police Inspection Office prevented the actual transaction from occurring. No mention was made regarding the investigation process. Whether or not the suspect was ever in contact with a real weapon vendor was not revealed. Regardless, they gathered enough evidence, by methods historically unknown, to conduct a search of the man’s apartment.

No firearms were found at the 28-year-old’s residence. The raid took place during the early morning hours when the suspect, according to a source, would not be prepared.

The apartment contained evidence of the attempted weapons purchase. In previous cases, German police obtained convictions without the need of seized computers, external media devices, etc. However, when a potential terroristic motive was suspected, police would seize and forensically examine the data to exhaustion.

No true firearms were discovered by police and officials spoke with confidence that the suspect possessed none. However, as the police report states, an electroshock device (taser) was located. The taser was disguised as a flashlight, police reported.

Taser flashlights have become a commonplace in DNM-related residence raids.

Cocaine and heroin, in small amounts, were found during the search. Police reported that both drugs were acquired via the darknet.

The find that strikingly resembles the 24-year-old’s case was that of a fully functioning marijuana grow-op. Police described the setup as a “homegrown rearing facility for marijuana.”

He will face marijuana cultivation charges, assuming the case will follow the 24-year-old’s case. In that situation, when he pleaded guilty, the cultivation charges were made news to the public. Press, for the most part, were only aware of the gun charges.

Sentencing may be more severe for the 28-year-old as he was in a greater violation of the law than the previous individual: cocaine possession; heroin possession; electroshock weapon possession: cannabis cultivation; and the obvious attempted darknet purchase.

However, with regard to sentencing, police reported something unusual about the suspect. He had “apparently psychically conspicuous behavior,” officers reported. He confessed on the scene and was then transferred to a mental facility for safekeeping.

We have seen and reported many DNM-related arrests but this one, in its own special way, was unique.

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