Your Bitcoin Donations Can Help Georgia Flood Victims Rebuild Their Lives

San Francisco-based blockchain infrastructure provider Bitfury has partnered with the Georgian Co-Investment Fund to support  Tbilisi, Georgia flood victims, a press release said.

An intense downpour along with high winds on Sunday gave birth to a sweeping torrent that killed at least 12 people, tore up roads, destroyed houses, threw vehicles into the mangled trees, and left dozens homeless. There is still no count of how many local zoo animals survived the nature’s fury.

CEO of BitFury Group, Mr. Valery Vavilov said: “Our deepest condolences go to the families of those who suffered as a result of devastating flooding in Tbilisi, on June 13-14. On behalf of BitFury, we would like to donate Bitcoins to support the victims and also enable everyone willing to help from all over the world to make donations. In partnership with Georgian Co-Investment Fund, we opened a joint Bitcoin wallet where Bitcoin donations are now accepted.

Interested donors can donate their Bitcoin at wallet address: 1LkTTA9z3isp7j5yPV691rgkk3N1QfdSsD

The QR code given in the image above can also be scanned to transfer Bitcoins.

The Chief Executive Officer of Georgian Co-Investment Fund, Mr. George Bachiashvili commented that: “In these moments of deep sorrow, our thoughts are with those affected by disastrous flooding in Tbilisi.

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