“Your Wall Won’t Stop Bitcoin, Mr.Trump!”


When it was revealed last week that Donald Trump is considering banning money transfers to Mexico, we predicted such a move will have an enormous benefit for bitcoin adoption in North America. Now cryptocurrencies advocates are taking that message to the streets.

Genesis Mining, a large bitcoin cloud mining provider, has sponsored billboards across California using the issue to drive awareness for the cause.

Genesis Mining
Genesis Mining

If you haven’t been closely following the US election, the real estate billionaire turned maverick presidential contender routinely says that Mexico will pay for a massive border wall but rarely mentions how he will get it to do so. Last week, the Washington Post cited a new memo from his campaign that reveals that Trump will use anti-terrorism regulation to stop remittances from the US to Mexico, that the Mexican economy depends on, to force its hand.

What would people do to bypass the ban? Genesis Mining says: “The solution would be Bitcoin because Bitcoin can’t be stopped. Not by Trump. Not by Putin. Not by anyone. Sure, you can pass regulations to make it more difficult to use but at the end of the day, if people need it, they will always find a way.”

They added a call for others to join in: “To all the companies and members of the community: let’s keep this going. Let’s do more. Let’s get people involved and spread the word about Bitcoin and what we believe it can be.”

Genesis Mining


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