Zurich Rejects Initiatives in Switzerland by Refusing Bitcoin Payments

Zurich Rejects Initiatives in Switzerland by Refusing Bitcoin Payments

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The Swiss capital has taken the stance of refusing to allow bitcoin payments, going against the creativities throughout the country.

According to local news outlet, Finanz Und Wirtschaft, there are no plans to implement the digital currency into the city at present. The city council of Zurich believe that bitcoin won’t prevail and have refused bitcoin payments of fees or taxes.

This news, of course, goes against a similar idea that was unveiled in the Swiss city of Zug, which has proved popular within the city. In early May, Zug undertook a city council meeting and by the end of it the digital currency, bitcoin, was accepted as a valid form of payment, reports CCN.

In 2014, it seemed that Zurich was tentatively leaning toward bitcoin by opening a bitcoin exhibition at the Money Museum in Zurich. Its aim was to educate people on bitcoin and the ideas behind the digital currency. Despite this, though, the city seems adamant that bitcoin won’t be playing any further role for the time being.

According to the city council, public confidence

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