With hard to trace cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and browsers such as Tor, it becomes easy for people to get their hands into a range of different drugs that can be ordered straight to that person’s home address.

Teenage Darknet User and Dealer, Thomas Allen, sold class A drugs in a small Yorkshire Village in the UK.

Police found illegal crystalline Ecstasy of high purity in a caravan that was in the garden of Thomas Allen’s family home. The substance was kept inside a safe in the caravan.

After Customs Officers spotted a package of 250 ecstasy pills they alerted North Yorkshire Police of Allen’s activities. The package was shipped to arrive at Allen’s address from the Netherlands. Customs Officers also found that the ecstasy was of a lesser purity than what Allen had bought on the Dark Web.

Thomas Allen’s mobile phone at home showed that he had messages selling them at a 400% Markup (4 times the price) of what he bought them for – the messages shown that he was selling them to his friends.

Allen’s lawyer said that he thought ecstasy was a class B drug, and not a class A drug. He also thought it was safe buying them via the darknet than from a street dealer.

Thomas Allen had a drug addiction from age 12.

“The fact is you were perfectly aware that this activity was illegal,” told the Honorary Recorder of York, Judge Paul Batty QC.

“You carried on with it in order to make money for yourself and to fund your own habit. You were well steeped in what you were doing at the time the customs officers intercepted that parcel.”

Allen was jailed for 32 months. He pleaded guilty to smuggling class A drugs and offering to supply class A drugs. He was also committed of possession of cannabis.

Allen had only been 18 when he committed his crimes said Miss Chapman.

It was also said that Allen told police he had spent about £1,000 buying illegal drugs on the dark web via the internet currency Bitcoin. He had bought the intercepted parcel for £490.

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