In this article, we look at why 2020 might be the best year to consider getting a crypto job as most of the world embraces remote work, especially in the tech industry.

2020 Is The Year Of Remote Work

The pandemic has led to a shut down of several regular activities and an overhaul of life as we know it. Several companies have moved online due to the limit placed on public movements and the risk that it comes with.

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The number of sectors adopting this strategy is growing steadily, with the crypto industry heavily featured. Before the pandemic, remote jobs were on the rise in the past few years. Data from Virtual Vocations indicate there was a 197% increase in such roles in their database between 2015 and 2019. According to its latest annual report, new openings registered by the telecommuting jobs platform grew by 25% last year.

Flexjobs and Global Workplace Analytics, another source, indicated a 44 percent increase of Americans working out of the office in the last five years. Further, the report mentions that people who work remotely receive better pay and are more productive.

Many cryptocurrency jobs do not require you to be on-site, making it a great time to consider a cryptocurrency job. The exact percentages cannot be fully gauged; however, cryptocurrency jobs like software development, marketing, and customer support can largely be done remotely. 

Where Can You Find A Crypto Job In 2020?

If you are looking for a remote job in the crypto industry, there are several crypto jobs list sites that will help you find exactly what you want. However, before you start surfing the web, there are a few things you should consider first. 

You will need to have an idea of what you are looking for by defining a set of job opportunities you intend to find. Also, you will need a CV/resume to document your experience and qualifications. It helps a lot if you have a recommendation letter from previous employees to add to the CV. Finally, having some social media presence of professional platforms like LinkedIn is a good thing to have.

You can now surf the web to find a job in cryptocurrency circles. There are several freelance sites to choose from, including general sites and crypto-specific platforms.

Platforms such as are well-known sites for general freelance work. The site is a global leader with over 250 million visitors every month. You can find crypto-related jobs on Indeed by entering keywords like “blockchain” and “cryptocurrency” in the ‘What’ box and then select “remote” under ‘Where.’ A new page with several cryptocurrency-related jobs will load for you to choose from.

Such sites may not have so many crypto jobs since there are other industry listings on there. To get access to more specific jobs, you can try crypto freelance sites.


One of such sites is LaborX. The site helps you to start or continue a blockchain career with several features that make finding work easier. 

LaborX is a relatively new platform that connects freelancers to companies looking to hire people. You can set up a freelancer profile on LaborX so firms can find you, or you can check available jobs and apply on the site.

At the start of the year, LinkedIn mentioned blockchain skills as the biggest hard skill sets wanted by employers, showing the growth in opportunities in this space.

Have you had any luck finding cryptocurrency jobs? What has your experience been so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

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