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The cryptocurrency market tends to go bearish once we go past Monday/Tuesday and approach weekends, even in good times. These are not good times at all, so it’s kind of doubtful that any coin at all will make progress on the coming weekend. Bitcoin and Ethereum are in free fall. But a handful of assets have had exciting developments over the last few hours. Let’s explore them a little.

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Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold is acquiring value seemingly out of nowhere. While this is remarkable in the midst of a dramatically bearish market, it makes you wonder what will happen with this coin in the long run.

It’s a token with no real use cases, so its price is driven by speculative pressure above all, which is not a good thing because that just increases the probability of a sudden drop that will come out of nowhere, just as the rise came.

Bitcoin Diamond

Yet another Bitcoin fork. These forks have been gathering lots of attention lately, especially after Bitcoin Cash’s fiasco of a hard fork, that took away 75% of its previous value since last November 15th. But some forks have been performing well, such as the aforementioned Bitcoin Gold, and, Bitcoin Diamond that has recently risen in value by about 20% to reach $1 mark.


It’s been an interesting asset to follow for several weeks already. The price has a momentum of its own right now, which is remarkable in the current market conditions. However, in the last 24 hours, Revain lost 9.19% of its value too but still, it’s a good cryptocurrency to keep an eye on.


This currency is a bit obscure, so nobody seems to be giving it a lot of attention at the time being. That is a little weird because coins that grow in value usually get noticed by the market, and Ardor has had some strong gains in the last few days.

Before going down by 3% today, it’s grown by 5% in only a few hours and has been going against the bearish trend very successfully. It will be quite interesting to follow this altcoin during the weekend and see how far it can go in fighting the current market’s trend.


In the past few weeks, Quarkchain’s price went up several times over, and it’s repeating the feet today. The QKC token has gained around 2.35% in the last 24 hours.

That’s an interesting development to follow from here until coming Monday to keep track of how far forward it can move. It’s one of the very few markets in the top 100 coins by market capitalization that’s managed some real gains which is striking on its own merits.


The last currency that has been going up significantly as we look for crypto market’s carnage time winners is Nexo. While it’s not exactly a noisy coin on the price list, it’s gained accountable value even in the current ‘severe’ crypto market bloodbath. This alone suggests that things are looking good for Nexo right now. The problem for this altcoin will be to sustain its rhythm and to keep going on over the weekend.

So now you have a few interesting coins you can use for crypto-spotting in the next few days (and beyond). Watch them carefully and enjoy the hard times of crypto too (it’s always better to not take hairs our of your head when something goes the other way).

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