AfroDex Labs, the first African decentralized exchange built on the Ethereum blockchain, launched its final version early this week to celebrate its first anniversary.

In a speech delivered by Emmanuel Adams Founder of AfroDex Labs to mark the project’s first anniversary, Adams announced the final release of the first version of the platform.

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“This 3rd day of January 2020, we will be making public our very own Decentralized Ethereum Token Exchange: ‘AfroDex’ on our domain –”

AfroDex is a decentralized exchange built on the Ethereum blockchain AfroDex token and AfroDex Labs Token. These tokens can be traded on the decentralized exchange and can be used for voting in the unique consensus mechanism of the platform.

Further, the exchange has a token sales platform that allows startups to raise funds transparently on our exchange. You can check out the AfroDex exchange now at

AfroDex Team Plans More For 2020

In 2020, the team behind AfroDex led by Emmanuel Adams will be building more decentralized tools for the Ethereum ecosystem, according to the anniversary speech published by Adams.

The team’s 12 point agenda mentions several projects for the new year, with highlights being AfroDex HODL Rewards and AfroDex LaunchPad bot.

The full 12 point agenda includes: 

1: AfroDex LaunchPad bot:

A bounty/airdrop/crowdfunding platform built on telegram, which will be ready by the end of Q1.

2: AfroDex HODL Rewards:

A staking platform for AfroX and our new generation tokens built into our @AFTX_Robot on telegram, which will be ready before the end of Q2.

3: Promotion:

We intend to use all strategies in our arsenals to promote as many viable projects as humanly possible.

4: Afro-Asia Alliance:

We will foster a strong alliance with a whole bunch of Asian blockchain firms and organizations.

5: User base &TX growth:

Africa & Asia have the largest population and are both still developing blockchain markets, thus making us a viable option if we can push every possible potential user into our hold.

~ 100-200k community on Telegram/Facebook

~ 250k users on our Exchange/Telegram bots

~ 100k USD transactions across all our platforms monthly

6: AfroPay App will be ready in Q3:

a) AfroPay Merchant App for easy merchant on-boarding.

b) AfroPay Lite App for easy customer adoption.

7: Partnership:

We are also working out a strong partnership with a top reputable centralized exchange, and we will push their adoption in Africa and provide them with all resources at our disposal to win the heart of Africans when it comes to a centralized exchange.

8: Investors:

We will partner with a top global investment agency to help provide funds when needed.

9: Technology:

We will partner with a large global blockchain firm for collaboration.

We will also rebrand our proposed AF-Vault into AfroVault, an offline hardware wallet for cryptocurrency storage in Q4.

10: Adoption:

We will equally focus on developing our market across all our borders and also drive/ increase our adoption with our use cases.

11: Explore Opportunities:

We will create more tokens to give us more strength & channel all important use cases via our internal ecosystem; some will go through crowd fundraising.

12: Active Ambassadorship:

Above all, we’ll develop an effective ambassador program that will be engaging and rewarding for ambassadors as well as gives different local communities experience of blockchain from the AfroDex point of view.

The rest of the year already looks good for AfroDex as their exchange just got listed on coinmarketcap, the most prominent cryptocurrency data aggregation site.

AfroDex is opened to having more users use the platform and join the community. Join AfroDex on Telegram:

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