IOTA Finally Launches the IOTA Lab, a Community Project Managed by AKITA

In the past few weeks, IOTA has gotten into several collaborations with various NGO’s. But this is not all as IOTA has also been introducing new features to their already existing system, some of the new features can be seen on their IOTA wallet. Something to look out for.

IOTA has also launched the IAMPASS, which is in collaboration with Blockchain and Biometrics, also another recent development that has taken place in the company. With these developments, the company has also been backed by AKITA, one of the main partners in the company these two companies are working on a new development you should be on the lookout for; this is the Tangle, it will aid both companies in spreading their crypto deeds.

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What You Need to Know About AKITA

The company is a startup that is mainly focused on the Distributed Ledger Technologies, which is also referred to as DLTs. The primary goal of the company is to make the DLT process more tangible. As a result, the company is mainly focusing on the development and also the implementation process of Proof of Concepts referred to as PoC.

The primary focus of the company is the prototypes that have been designed with a hardware component and one that still has a reference to the physical world. AKITA as a startup that s incredibly focused on achieving their goal; as a result, they are in a position to realize the promising functioning prototypes from the toy format to the finished product in a short time without the interference of red tape.

AKITA has been based in Singapore, and over the years they have been able to get the necessary connections in the European community and the market at large. The main role of this company is to ensure they make DLT to be more specific, just the way the IOTA Tangle project should be designed to be seamless and also a tangible plan.

Accordingly, they have already built a number of PoCs that have been specially based on the IOTA system. It is from the Smart-Watch Pulse-Sensor Data, a proper Weather Station, a Weather Sensor with an XDK, the Raspberry Pi, and also the Arduino that has been included in the IOTA Data Market Place. These are just a few of the examples of the current working pieces they have come up with.

AKITA: An Open Community Project

AKITA tweeted that the IOTA project is an open community project that will be funded by the already existing ecosystem. AKITA will manage the project, but it will be shaped by you the investors. The companies have come together to ensure they are creating adequate space that is open to the public, an area that will allow various individuals the ability to create a physical device that is able to take advantage of the IOTA system.

For the companies to be able to continue with their work in the professional and also stable environment, they have gone ahead to scout for adequate space. They are trying to scout for an area that will be adequate for all the different stakeholders they have in the company, especially the stakeholders who are very interested in the developments taking place in IOTA.

The team that is based in AKITA are vigorously looking for individuals with the skill to co-create, test, develop, and make real-life applications that will have a positive impact on the daily life of individuals.

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