Cappasity’s is the first to leverage a blockchain infrastructure to create, rent and sell 3D content. The company hopes to “make 3D digitizing as easy as photography.” With the blockchain providing decentralized and trustless copyright, storage, and content exchange, artists creating 3D imagery can monetize their content and share it via their tokenized ecosystem. ARTokens will be on offer during a September crowdsale.

Cappasity have worked closely with Intel since 2014, developing a 3D scanning software for Intel® RealSense™ 3D cameras. After successfully raising over $1.8 million from angel investors since 2014, the tech company launched its platform and 3D digitizing software in January 2017. Now the company is launching an upcoming token sale to build a decentralized marketplace for AR, VR and 3D content.

The World Economic Forum have noted five forces of blockchain that are redefining the creative economy. First, the use of smart contracts, which has a massive potential to make royalties fairer for creations such as music or even virtual reality worlds.

Secondly, transparent peer to peer transactions directly connect consumer and creator. Cappasity AR/VR Ecosystem will be managed by smart contracts on the blockchain with DPOS consensus, so artists can monetize their content and share it with others. Automatically, they can receive ARTs for the sale or rent of their 3D content. Automatically, they can receive ARTs for the sale or rent of their 3D content.

Thirdly, blockchain technology promotes efficient, dynamic pricing. By tracking the demand for 3D content, it can be priced in ARTs more effectively. Creators can set their prices directly cutting out intermediaries. Also, the blockchain allows micro-metering or micro-monetizing, so 3D content can be rented out as well as sold to others. Finally, the blockchain establishes a reputation system perhaps leading to stronger collaboration between 3D content producers and consumers.

Blockchain and virtual reality will blossom together, before being used more and more in everyday life. AR/VR are driving innovations in medicine, disaster planning and many other areas. Imagine, content creators can benefit from merging blockchain technologies and AR/VR, as their assets can be verified to belong to them, they can receive royalties and smart contracts can be used to design virtual worlds and encourage collaboration.

For instance, Fred Ehrsam, Co-Founder of Coinbase, that blockchain will prove itself in VR before being unleashed on a wider scale:

“I’d guess blockchains will be the full-blown backbone of virtual worlds — the system for currency, assets, identity, even governance — before doing the same in the “real world.” Which is where I think we will end up in the real world eventually; it’s just a matter of which goes first and how long until it’s the case for both.”

For all parties, no matter content creators, app developers, businesses and end users, all copyrights are respected with Cappasity Ecosystem. Cappasity already have released toolkits that make 3D digitizing of real objects available to everyone and their SDK is open to developers to build their own apps based on the platform. Also, they have identified a relevant use case for cryptocurrencies in the emerging AR and VR industries; these industries are projected to be worth $80 billion in 2025

The ARToken crowdsale will begin on 27th of September and you can contribute using various cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC as well as USDT. Funds raised will be used to create an AR/VR Innovation Fund to incentivize developers to create realistic and useful AR/VR applications and the Rewards Fund to reward content creators and active community members.

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