Australian Law Enforcement Cracks Down Dark Web-Based Illicit Animal Trades

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Australian law enforcement agencies and authorities have started to crackdown dark web marketplaces selling and distributing exotic animals throughout the country.

Since early 2017, Australian airport security officials and investigators from the Department of Environment have been actively investigating into animal trafficking and smuggling. Dark web-based marketplaces and animal traffickers have started to traffic exotic animals such as rare species of snakes and lizards by placing them inside toy teddy bears and books.

Earlier this week for instance, the Australia Post staff in Western Australia discovered rare blue tongue lizards taped from head tail and sewn into a teddy bear, local sources including The Age reported. As the teddy bear wrapped and ready to be delivered across the country crossed the x-ray detection screen at the Australia Post, its staff workers saw the following photograph:

On June 3, DeepDotWeb previously reported that award-winning business journalist Anthony Hilton described the dark web as a well-structured global criminal network. In the industries of drug, arms and animal trafficking within the dark web network, there exists rigid and well-structured criminal organizations that handle different operations professionally.

“It divides into software specialists, distributors of that software, hackers, network specialists and financial

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