An Austrian man, who was previously sentenced to drug treatment, ordered narcotics from the dark web during his therapy. As the customs authorities discovered that the packages contained drugs, they stopped them at the border offices. Law enforcement reported that the parcels contained heroin and amphetamine. Since the suspect violated the conditions imposed by the court, he was sentenced to prison.

During his court trial, the previously convicted 25-year-old man from Purkersdorf, Lower Austria, Austria begged the judge for another chance. The defendant stated that he already had “enough chances” but if his life does not get under control, “everything’s over”. The St. Pölten court, instead of a prison sentence, ordered the man to participate in a drug treatment therapy. However, the 25-year-old couldn’t resist the temptation and ordered narcotics from the dark web while he was being treated at a patient center for drug addicts.

“I know I’ve had enough chances. But I still ask for one more. Because if I do not manage my life now, everything is over,” the defendant said during his court trial.

According to the court records, the 25-year-old was standing before the St. Pölten court since he placed two orders for narcotics at the dark web while he was in therapy. However, the customs officers identified that the parcels were containing narcotics. One package, containing 50 grams of heroin, was caught at the Vienna Schwechat airport while the other parcel, which was also stopped by the Austrian customs, contained 50 grams of amphetamine.

Both of the packages, especially the one with the 50 grams of heroin, contained large amounts of narcotics. It is unknown whether the defendant sought to resell some of the drugs to local customers or he purchased all for his own use. However, investigators suspected that the man was also selling a portion of the drugs.

During the 25-year-old’s court trial, the prosecution highlighted the fact that the defendant ordered the drugs while he was being treated. Furthermore, the judge stated that law enforcement authorities suspected that the defendant ordered large amounts of drugs since he wanted to resell a portion of the substances to other inmates who were also on treatment.

The 25-year-old regretted his actions and admitted to the judge that he was using ketamine since he heard it could not be discovered during a drug test.

Since the 25-year-old breached the conditions, which were previously imposed by the court, the judge sentenced the defendant to 18 months in prison with 11 months already imposed conditionally. According to the court documents, the previous sentence of the court will be revoked, however, this is not legally binding.

Since it was not clear whether the 25-year-old is eligible for another drug treatment, the judge ordered an evaluation by a psychiatrist to decide whether the defendant is willing to participate in a drug treatment program.

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